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By focusing exclusively on healthcare businesses, DealZumo™ has become one of the fastest growing online transaction hubs connecting business brokers with a unique set of healthcare focused buyers.

Selling a Healthcare Business on DealZumo


Simply create a profile of the listing to get started.


Connect with more healthcare buyers and close more deals.


Interested buyers will contact you with their profile and signed NDA


Monitor and track your buyer activity online to ensure the deal progresses


Our deal flow tools will help you close deals faster.

Connect with Healthcare Buyers

Not only will we connect you with more healthcare-focused buyers to help you sell your healthcare business listings, we will also help you sign more engagements. If you sign up for DealZumo™’s AdvisorZone, you will be notified weekly of new acquisition mandates from buyers. We will also notify you when a healthcare business owner is looking for a business broker to represent their transaction. DealZumo™’s AdvisorZone will keep you up-to-date on buyers’ specific search criteria and help you close more deals. And one more thing, as an AdvisorZone subscriber, you will get access to the latest healthcare transaction comps with TransactionStream. You’ll stay informed of the hottest areas and be able to download comps for your own analysis.

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When you list a healthcare business for sale on DealZumo you’ll get:


More healthcare leads

Access to the largest community of buyers focused on healthcare


Faster closing deals

Accelerate closings with our DealExpeditor Tools™


Healthcare transaction reports

Keep updated on the latest healthcare trends and deal closings


Free Listing Upgrades

Feature your client’s healthcare business listings*

Our DealExpeditor Tools™ allow you to:


Qualify buyers quicker

Buyers send you a detailed profile of themselves upon initial email contact.


Execute NDA’s

Accelerate closings with our DealExpeditor Tools™


Track your Buyers

Monitor each contacted buyer to ensure your transactions are progressing.

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