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delineation of home care

Delineation of Home Care

While at Wyatt Matas and Associates in 2010, Chip Measells wrote a compelling white paper on the impending bifurcation of the homecare industry, based...

Portrait Of Female Executive Using Laptop With Office Meeting In Background

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This overview provides a guide to the documents needed and the processes to follow when preparing to sell your business. For more detailed information...

agreeing on a letter of intent

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Each participant in the transaction needs to sign a mutual confidentiality agreement, also known as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), to ensure that i...

valuation data

Business Summary

Like an executive summary, a business summary answers the key initial questions that potential buyers or capital providers will raise when considering...

Shot of two professional coworkers holding a tablet with graphs on it

Buyer/Capital Provider Tracking List

This checklist can be used by sellers and capital seekers to keep track of all potential buyers or capital providers and ensure that the parties are m...

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